Hannon Group Receives MBE Status

Public Relations and Market Research Company Continues Strong Growth

The Hannon Group, a Fort Washington-based public relations firm, is pleased to announce it has received certification by the State of Maryland as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

"We believe that the MBE status provides additional credibility to us as a serious, small business with strong operations and procedures," said Sandra Wills Hannon, founder and principal. "Our current clients already know this but the MBE status can be a sign to potential clients that we have the track-record and know-how to successfully meet client goals on time and on budget."

Attaining MBE certification involves a rigorous process through which firms undergo an investigation by MBE Agents of the State to examine a company's operations, management and finances. As part of the process, firms must provide evidence of ownership, managerial and operational procedures. Firms must also demonstrate technical knowledge and experience, with proof of past contracts, as evidence of expertise, strong business operations and management decisions. All applications are carefully reviewed and personal interviews are conducted by MBE Agents.

"The process can be intimidating," Wills Hannon said. Some firms without the resources or track record choose not to apply for certification, she said.

General contractors with government contracts typically must meet MBE goals and have to seek out and utilize certified MBEs. The Hannon Group will be listed in the State of Maryland's MBE Directory, a basic resource for soliciting minority participation on projects. If a firm is not certified, a contractor cannot receive credit toward achievement of the MBE participation goal by using that firm.

The Hannon Group is a public relations and market research firm providing services to local, regional and national business, government and non-profit organizations. An award-winning firm, The Hannon Group uses research-based strategies to achieve results with impact. For more information, visit www.thehannongroup.com.

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