The Hannon Group Awarded ExxonMobil Contract

Fort Washington, MD — In preparing to develop the focus, content and execution of the 2008 SSH&E (Safety, Security, Health and Environment) videos, EFX Media secured the services of The Hannon Group to design and conduct the audit to elicit feedback and viewpoints from ExxonMobil employees. The main goal of the audit was to ensure that the videos are the most appropriate, most effective communication tools to help support ExxonMobil’s company-wide SSH&E videos. In addition, the audit was designed to sample of ExxonMobil employees from the company’s business lines to identify SSH&E videos topic priorities for 2008 from a sample. The results of the audit would provide insights and feedback for thoughtful deliberation to guide the development and production of the 2008 SSH&E videos.

The SSH&E videos are critical components of ExxonMobil operations to ensure the well-being of its employees and compliance with Federal regulations. The SSH&E videos are essential in promoting SSH&E awareness among ExxonMobil employees around the world.

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