Who We Work With

Strategic planning with seasoned experts.

The Hannon Group’s team of seasoned experts offers strategic planning, multicultural market research, brand development, technical writing, materials development and consulting services to five very diverse groups of clientele including:

  • Large consulting firms. When you need a subcontractor who will be as invested as you are, we can help. We understand there is a lot of pressure. At The Hannon Group, we don’t just help you do an incredible job now—we are thinking down the road so contracts get extended and you get hired again. Late nights or outrageous requests, we are with you. Whatever it takes.
  • Federal departments. With proven experience and a track record of success, our history of credibility is only the first step to meeting your needs. If you need a partner to do the research, demystify, test and help clarify your best route—or if you need a team who can expertly accomplish the work under your guidance—you can count on us.
  • PR agencies and independent consultants. If you need to add capabilities and subject matter expertise, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves in fitting in seamlessly with your team, being there early (not just on-time), and bringing the highest level of commitment.
  • Non-profit associations. Whether you need an extra set of hands, or support through uncharted waters, we will represent you reliably, professionally and expertly so that you can reach your donors, supporters and members with confidence and positive outcomes.
  • Corporations. As a small firm, we are agile and flexible enough to keep up with your quick pace. As a powerful firm, you can count on us for results that help you achieve your goals.


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