About Us

Frankly, we do it all.

At The Hannon Group, we provide outstanding market research and specialize in reaching multicultural audiences.

For nearly three decades, government organizations, non-profit associations, private firms, and universities have relied on us to inform their communications with their constituents and customers.

With Sandra Wills Hannon, Ph.D., at the helm, our team of seasoned experts offers strategic planning, market research, materials development, communications training, digital marketing, and consulting services. We also develop and execute social marketing and innovative behavior change strategies that are as creative as they are effective.

Our approach is what keeps clients coming back. We join deep expertise with an exhaustive effort to go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs. Even in the fastest, highest-pressure environments, you can count on every detail being done exceedingly well, on time, and within budget. We help clients save time and achieve more with less paperwork, and provide a partnership that gives clients a sense of relief.

Founded in 1991, The Hannon Group operated for the first 10 years as a sole proprietorship, evolving into a limited liability corporation in 2002. Since then, The Hannon Group has expanded to include a group of multi-talented, experienced consultants offering a wide range of communications and research services.

Our goal is to see our clients succeed. Discover how we can help.

Our Leadership Team

  • Sandra Wills Hannon

    Dr. Sandra Wills Hannon has three decades of experience in the communications industry and is…

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  • Jillian Fisher

    Jillian Fisher, Senior Vice President of Communications and Business Development, has more than 25 years of experience…

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  • Jason Booms

    Jason Booms, Director, Strategic Research and Communications for The Hannon Group, LLC, provides insights-driven counsel…

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  • Patricia Carmack

    Patricia Carmack, M.A., is Senior Vice President, Health Communications at The Hannon Group. For more…

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  • Scott Schafer

    Scott Schafer serves as the company’s Digital Team Leader and has more than 18 years…

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